Longs Peak Summit, 2018

In 2015, my friend Lindsay and I attempted to climb Longs Peak but were turned back by strong, gusting winds (and a healthy dose of laziness). We tried again last week, though, and this time we succeeded!! It was my fifth time attempting Longs and my second time actually reaching the summit. It was also Lindsay’s first ever 14er summit – not a bad first ascent!

I was battling a sickness during this hike, so I traveled light on the photography gear (including not bringing a tripod) and didn’t have the energy to take as many pictures as usual. My lack of energy and creative vision was offset by the beautiful scenery and weather, though, so I still came away with some quality images. Hope you enjoy them!

Also, for those interested, here’s the elevation profile of the hike as well as links to the Caltopo map and my Garmin activity (I think my GPS was a little spotty on the back side of the mountain, which resulted in an artificially inflated mileage count).

Longs Peak Keyhole Route Terrain


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